GPU utilization in a Terra notebook

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Sabrina Camp


I was working through [this]( documentation on using GPUs in a Terra notebook. 

This is the set up of my application configuration.


I was trying to verify that I've enabled GPUs by using the pytorch commands given in the doc. Since I didn't select an application configuration with pytorch already installed, I first installed pytorch via `pip install torch`. 

Once successfully installed and imported, I attempted the example commands and it doesn't seem like it's working properly. 


Any advice? Is it necessarily to use the pegasus environment to work with the GPUs?



Sabrina Camp




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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Sabrina Camp,

    Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, it looks like using GPUs in Jupyter Notebooks is currently broken. Our engineers are aware and have a ticket to resolve the issue.

    In the meantime, one workaround that was identified is to downgrade CUDA by running the following:

    # install CUDA 11.8
    !pip install torch==2.1.2 torchvision==0.16.2 torchaudio==2.1.2 --index-url

    Once you restart the kernel, you should be able to run those example commands again.




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    Sabrina Camp

    Hi Samantha,

    This workaround worked for me. 

    Thank you,



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