Does "Estimated Storage Cost" on workspace dashboard account for storage class?

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Chris Kachulis

I have a workspace with ~59.9 TiB of bucket storage.  The estimated storage cost on the workspace dashboard is $1227.05.  Looking at us-central1 pricing on this page, that price looks roughly correct for standard storage, though I get a slightly different number of ~$1317 when I convert TiB to GB and multiple by $0.02.

The more significant issue is that when I examine all the blobs in the bucket, all except for ~2GB of that storage is nearline, so should be costing me $0.01 per GB per month, not $0.02.  So the total storage cost of the bucket should be ~$660 per month, not ~$1200.

Is this an issue in the way Terra is estimating that storage cost?  Or is terra just getting the storage cost estimate straight from google, and I need to take this up with google?



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