Ability to Lockdown a Workflow

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Kelsey Kropp
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It would be highly valuable for any CLIA, ISO, CAP, FDA, EPA, or other regulated testing lab to have the ability to lockdown a workflow in Terra.  The locked input parameters would include the workflow version, all checkbox workflow options like call caching, deleting intermediate outputs, etc, as well as all input and output variables aside from the sample name input variable field.  The user would still maintain the ability to select the data table, specific samples to analyze, and launch the workflow, but simply would not be able to adjust any parameters of the workflow itself.

The intent behind locking down workflows really lies in putting in place engineering controls, where possible, that prevent unintended changes being made to how workflows are run.  This ensures standardization of the analytical component of regulated test methods across all patient specimens and samples once that test method has been optimized, validated, and received final approval from executive management of the lab.

One potential solution to implementing this feature might include either adding this function into permissions groups options so that only users assigned with edit permissions (supervisors, managers, etc) are able to adjust workflow parameters.  Another solution could be that a locked "copy" or "version" of this workflow is saved after configuration and listed as it's own workflow in the workflows tab of the destination workspace.



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