Allows users to type a workflow version in the version dropdown

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Liz Kiernan

When you export a workflow from Dockstore to Terra, all the workflows associated with the repo become visible in the workflow version dropdown. This is not a problem if you only have a few workflows, but it's a large problem if you have a LOT. For example, if try to change the workflow version of the Optimus featured workspace, you have to scroll way through the drop-down (see image).


It's actually become quite difficult to update the workflows because the scroll is becoming slow with all the options. The solution would be if you could type the name of the workflow in the box. It would be nice if the feature was similar to the feature used for selecting Workspace names when you go to export a workflow to a workspace. 




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    Anika Das

    Hi Liz Kiernan,

    Thanks so much for letting us know about your interest in this feature. We have captured your feedback and provided it to the appropriate product team. We will be happy to follow up with you if this feature gets implemented!

    Kind regards,


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    Kaylee Mathews

    This would make a HUGE difference in the usability of this dropdown and the ability of users to update workflow versions easily. Right now, the amount of scrolling that is sometimes required is a bit excessive and slow.

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    Jessica Way

    Is there any update on this? This would be a really helpful feature!


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