Job Manager An error occurred: [object Object]

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Tobias .H.

In all my started Workflows I am unable to access the Job Manager. Clicking on the button to reach the Job Manager I am greeted by an error message. The error message is: 

An error occurred: [object Object]

Any way to resolve this? Or an explanation what this error message is?


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    Emily Barnes

    Hi Tobias,


    I was unable to recreate this error in my own workspaces. If you are still seeing the error, could you share your workspace with Terra Support by clicking the Share button in your workspace? The Share option is in the three-dots menu at the top-right.

    1. Toggle the "Share with support" button to "Yes"
    2. Click Save


    Please provide us with

    1. A link to your workspace
    2. The relevant submission ID
    3. The relevant workflow ID


    We’ll be happy to take a closer look as soon as we can!


    Kind regards,



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