Allow users with compute access to request quota increases

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Emma Pierce-Hoffman

Terra Support's policy around quota increases recently changed to require the billing project owner to request the quota increase. I am asking for that policy to be repealed and for users with compute permissions to be able to request quota increases once again.

This policy is inconvenient to both compute users and billing project owners. Billing project owners are often lab/project managers or PIs who manage many projects and are not involved with the day-to-day cloud computing process. This policy adds to their administrative overhead without a clear benefit. The users performing the computing are the ones who are aware of their compute needs and should have the ability to manage quotas accordingly. It adds an extra barrier to have to go through the billing project owner. Sometimes quota increases are not straightforward and require a lot of back-and-forth; in those cases, the person planning for the high level of compute is the person who is best equipped (and most committed) to answer questions about the quota increase.

The support team cited security and concerns that users not managing the budget are requesting quota increases. However, it has always been the case that compute users who are not billing project owners are the ones spending the money. That agreement and budget planning should be managed by the team themselves, rather than by restrictions imposed by Terra. Granting a user permissions to compute in a billing project should be sufficient to allow them to manage that computation.



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    Morgan Taylor

    A possible middle ground here could be that the users make the request to support and that request has to be approved by a billing project owner before going through.

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    Pamela Bretscher

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your request and for voicing your concerns. We are in the process of determining what the best solution for quota requests is to ensure that it can be completed efficiently but also that it is done by people with the appropriate authority. I am creating a ticket for your request to allow for more research and discussion to take place on our side. I will let you know when I have any updates on the decisions that are made.

    Kind regards,



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