Google egress pricing changes

Allie Cliffe
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Google Cloud recently announced upcoming changes (starting Oct 1, 2022) to the pricing structure of a number of services, including multi-regional storage buckets. Specifically, they will start charging egress fees on data stored in multi-regional buckets. Up until now, egress fees — charges when data stored in one region needs to be transferred to another region for computing — have not applied when moving data from a multi-regional to a specific regional bucket in the same continent. 

See Moving away from multi-regional storage for more details about this change and what Terra is doing in response. 

Sep 2022 Update:

We’ve negotiated a pricing extension with Google to keep the current storage pricing for an additional 12 months.

What should you do

Billing account managers should reach out to their Google representatives to determine if they have received the pricing extension or are eligible to receive the pricing extension and discuss options.

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