How to track total Terra Billing project spend

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Learn how to track and filter Google Cloud costs by Terra Billing project, if the project includes more than one workspace.

Overview: Google Cloud costs and Terra Billing projects

To get the total cloud resource costs per Terra Billing project requires summing the costs for all workspaces under the Billing project. This is because Terra Billing projects are part of the Terra infrastructure. Google Cloud costs are billed per Google project and each workspace has its own dedicated Google project.

In the diagram below, two workspaces share the same Terra Billing project. The costs of each workspace must be added together to calculate the total Billin gproject cost.

Diagram of two workspaces in a single Terra Billing project. Each workspace has its own Google project to support Goopgle Cloud storage and compute resources paid via the Terra billing project.

Follow the steps below to view the total costs - across all workspaces - for your Terra Billing project.

How to find total cost of a Terra Billing project

1. Go to the billing page on Google Cloud console (

2. Select the Cloud Billing account linked to the Terra Billing project.

3. Choose Reports from the left sidebar.

4. To retrieve information for all workspaces in the Billing project, click on Projects (in the right sidebar) and filter by the name of the Terra Billing project.

5. Select all workspace projects associated with the Billing project.

Workspace Google project naming/ID format

  • Project name = terra-billing-project-name–WorkspaceName
  • Project ID = terra-a1b2c3d4

6. The cost report will update to all Google Cloud costs associated with that Terra Billing project.

To drill down to which Google resources you're usingChoose the Google service to filter by (note that the biggest Cloud costs in Terra come from Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and BigQuery (data transfer - formerly egress).

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