[2022 Sept] Consortium Introduction to Terra for the International Neuroimmune Consortium

Derek Caetano-Anolles
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On September 20, 2022, the Terra team presented an introduction to Terra for the International Neuroimmune Consortium. This interactive workshop covered how to start working and collaborating securely in Terra. It provided an overview of the architecture of Terra as it relates to cloud-based data sets, tools, and computing resources. Participants explored how data is organized in Terra, and then launched single-cell analyses with the Cumulus workflow and Jupyter Notebooks. 



All times below are in Eastern Standard Time (ET)

10:00 am


10:10 am

Intro to the International NeuroImmune Consortium and INPH Data


An overview of Terra functionality and platform navigation. 

10:35 am

Terra Overview and Platform Tour


An overview of Terra functionality and platform navigation. 

11:10 am 

Cumulus Overview


An overview of Cumulus for single-cell analysis

11:25 am

Run the Cumulus Workflow


Hands-on activity to try running the Cumulus workflow on workspace data

12:00 pm


12:25 pm

Creating Cloud Environments


Hands-on introduction to setting up virtual machines on Terra

12:35 pm

Overview of scFlow Workflow


Introduction to data processing with scFlow

12:55 pm

Hands-on Explore Matrices in Jupyter Notebooks


Learn tips and tricks for working with workspace data in a virtual machine and try an example analysis

1:40 pm 

Wrap-up and Questions

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