Sept 12th, 2022

Yashasvika Duggal
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The following release notes correspond to Aug 30, 2022 - Sept 12, 2022. This release also includes back-end updates to the Data Repository, workflows, interactive analysis, user interface, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Data Repo

  • A dataset's description can now be modified using the PatchDataset endpoint
  • We have expanded TDR's enumerateSnapshots response body to include information on errors encountered when communicating with ECM. These errors indicate to the caller that the enumeration returned may be incomplete
  • When a user has the UPDATE_SNAPSHOT permission, they will now be able to update a snapshot's description


  • Terra is now running Cromwell 84

User Interface

  • Users can now export data to their workspaces from the catalog using the "Link to Workspace" button
  • Users can now use the "Preview" button in the catalog UI to preview datasets (if a user has READER permissions)
  • The names in the hamburger menu under 'Library' have been changed to match the names of the tabs they navigate to
  • Preview dataset has been reenabled. Previously it was not handling objects properly

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