Aug 25, 2022

Yashasvika Duggal
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The following release notes correspond to Aug 16, 2022 - Aug 25, 2022. This release also includes back-end updates to the Data Repository, workflows, interactive analysis, user interface, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Data Repo

  • All workspaces to which a snapshot has been exported are represented in TDR's retrieveSnapshotPolicies response endpoint. If a workspace is inaccessible, the endpoint will now share the policy groups and supplement with the cause of inaccessibility.
  • We have modified the "Export Snapshot" endpoint
    • The "export snapshot" button has been disabled in the UI for non-steward users
    • A new "export_snapshot" button has been created in SAM that is granted to snapshot stewards
    • API has been updated to check if a user has "export_snapshot" action so the export does not fail mid-way due to insufficient permissions
    • Any user with "export_snapshot" action on a snapshot can view all job details for exporting that snapshot. 
  • Workspaces' getPreviewData endpoint will now show a preview in the API
  • Entity references within data tables will now download and upload properly via TSV. Previously, if your data table contained an entity reference, it was converted to a string upon TSV download, and re-uploading that TSV would change the data table's entity reference to a string.
  • Cloud platform is now returned as part of dataset and snapshot details. 
  • Ingest from Azure files no longer fails on valid Azure file names
  • Dataset creators are now only granted the steward role and not the custodian role since stewards hold all custodian permissions.
  • Dataset roles can now be specified on dataset creation via "policies" field of createDataset request body.

Cloud Integration

User Interface

  • If a snapshot was deleted from TDR, you can now remove that snapshot in your workspace. 


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