Aug 1, 2022

Yashasvika Duggal
  • Updated

The following release notes correspond to July 26, 2022 - Aug 1, 2022. This release also includes back-end updates to the Data Repository, workflows, interactive analysis, user interface, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Data Repo

  • Users can now view metadata in Azure snapshots in the TDR UI and can sort data based on all fields in the snapshot tables with Snapshot tables in GCP and Azure
  • Users can now add new relationships to existing dataset schema.

Cloud Integrations

  • We modified GET api/collections/role/{roleName}/summary to filter out collections with an archived status from collection summary queries. 
  • We have standardized the DacDAO code and added test cases for all methods.

User Interface

  • The “link to workspace” button has been disabled since the link to workspace functionality is not currently complete.
  • We fixed a bug in the new catalog where the footer was being duplicated. 
  • We have released tracking to measure adoption of the new data catalog. This information is for internal prioritization and assessment. 
  • Data tables now indicate if a cells contain files outside of the workspace bucket.
  • We have done backend work to release the Terra Data Catalog.

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