June 27, 2022

Anton Kovalsky
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The following release notes correspond to June 21, 2022 - June 27, 2022. This release also includes back-end updates to the Data Repository, workflows, interactive analysis, user interface, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.


User Interface

  • We've added a new optional "properties" JSON field to snapshots that allows users to store additional metadata about a snapshot. This can be set when creating a snapshot and updated using the snapshot patch endpoint. Note that the patch endpoint will do a full replace of the value.
  • The row ID column is now always visible when horizontally scrolling data tables.


  • We fixed a bug that was preventing users from editing workflows in the Broad Methods Repository if their Terra account email contains uppercase characters.

Data Repo

  • Increased input validation has been added to our create asset endpoint. The input will be checked to verify that the rootTable, rootColumn, tables and follow fields all consist of valid dataset tables, columns, and relationships. If any invalid entities are found, a list of errors is returned.
  • Datasets now create their own ingest service accounts rather than use the global TDR service account. Whereas before, you needed to grant the TDR service account "Storage Object Viewer" access to a bucket from which you're ingesting data, as described here, now you'll use the dataset's unique service account instead. You can retrieve the account information using the retrieve dataset endpoint.
    • If you still want to use the global TDR service account, you can do this by setting the dedicatedIngestServiceAccount in the dataset create endpoint.
      • dedicatedIngestServiceAccount=true, then the user will need to add the newly created SA INSTEAD of the TDR SA to the bucket. The TDR SA will NOT work.
      • dedicatedIngestServiceAccount=false , then the user can add the TDR SA to the bucket as normal.

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