How to delete Terra Billing projects that failed to create

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Step-by-step directions for deleting a Terra Billing project that failed to create. Billing projects can fail to create because the name wasn't unique or didn't meet the formatting requirements, for example. 

Need to delete a working billing project?See Delete a Terra Billing project using Swagger.

What it looks like when a billing project fails to create

Billing projects that fail to create, but are stuck in a failed state, may appear in the list on your Billing page. They will have a red exclamation point icon. 

Screen shot

Screen shot of billing page with red exclamation point icon indication that Billing project failed to create

Error message

project my-project creation 
finished with errors: {"Resource
"Precondition check failed."
"message":"Precondition check
DITION","statusMessage":"Bad Request",

Step-by-step instructions to delete a failed billing project

Before you start You must be the project owner to delete a Terra Billing project.

1. Go to your Billing page (main menu > Your name > Billing).

2. Click on the three vertical dot icon to the right of the failed Billing project.
Screen shot of three vertical dot icon next to errored Billing project in Billing page

3. Click the Delete Billing Project button.

4. In the confirmation popup, click Delete Billing Project.
Screen shot of Delete billing project Confirmation popup


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