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The Terra User Education team has created some short online courses to take you on a guided tour of our documentation and get you up and running on Terra in no time. These courses are staged on the Leanpub platform, which specializes in MOOCs (massive open online courses), and you can find them via link or email invitation, and you can even send invitations to others. Our courses are designed to take you through a curated journey of documentation on a particular topic (e.g. workflows, cloud environments, etc) in about an hour, and quiz you to help you check that you've understood the key information.

These courses are also part of our hybrid workshops - workshops where we combine live instruction with asynchronous work. If you're currently participating in such a workshop, your instructors will tell you how to find the invitation for the course.

The courses are 100% free, so don't be concerned with the fact that they need to be "purchased". The fee for purchasing them is $0, and the optional donation is just a standard part of the Leanpub platform.

Below are instructions on how to purchase a Leanpub MOOC course, how to find it in your library once you've purchased it, and how to launch the course.

You can find all of the available courses on the Terra University page on Leanpub. The video below summarizes some of the steps laid out in this article.

1. Purchase the course

Step 1.1. Add the course to your cart

After you've found a link to the course, you'll be taken to a screen like the one below. Add this course to your cart, leaving the purchase price as $0.



Step 1.2. Checkout

On the next screen you'll be able to complete the purchase by clicking "checkout with free purchase". You can also find a checkbox on this screen for sending this course as a gift to another user. This can be convenient if you're trying to share this course with someone else and they aren't able to find a link.



2. Find the course in your library

Step 2.1. Navigate to the courses section of your personal Leanpub library

Now that you've purchased the course, the location where you'll find it is called your library. To find it, click on the three-dash hamburger menu icon at the top right of your screen, then click on "Library" on the left, and lastly click on "Courses".



Step 2.2. Select the course

You should now see a list of all of the courses you've ever purchased. Click on the course you're currently interested in to see your options and metrics for that course



3. Launch the course

After you select a course, you will see a screen like the one below, which allows you to launch the course, shows you your progress through the course. This view also gives you the option to "complete" the course if you've finished all of the readings and quizzes, which will generate a certificate of completion.




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