December 21, 2021

Kaylee Mathews
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The following release notes correspond to December 14, 2021 - December 21, 2021. This release includes back-end updates to Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

User Interface

  • The list of suggested users provided by the Terra UI when sharing a workspace is now updated each time a user shares a workspace resulting in improved sharing suggestions.
  • We fixed a rare bug that occurred if a workspace's description was not a string.
  • The GET /api/workspaces/{workspaceNamespace}/{workspaceName}/importPFB API is now deprecated and replaced with GET /api/workspaces/{workspaceNamespace}/{workspaceName}/importJob, which behaves the same way.


  • We fixed an issue that prevented a submission from terminating if one or more of its workflows attempted to output an array containing a null value. The submission will now terminate to failed status and display a relevant error message in the UI.

Interactive Analysis (Notebooks, Galaxy, RStudio)

Data Repository

  • When creating a billing profile, users no longer need to specify an id. Instead, this is generated automatically.  
  • We have added the ability for users to soft delete rows using row ids directly in the API.
  • Previously, all links to the Terra Data Repository (TDR) directed users to the home page, rather than the intended destination. This has been fixed and links will now direct users to the correct location.
  • To comply with regulatory standards and enable TDR to host clinical data, clinical users will now be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity. See Security logout for clinical researchers for more information and to learn how to enable this feature.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented TDR from resuming flights that were interrupted during a shutdown.
  • When working with Azure datasets, users can now ingest data with array columns. 

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