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Allie Hajian
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Try one of three Quickstart workspaces to jump start your transition to Terra. Each one includes a demo video and step-by-step instructions, takes less than an hour to complete, and costs less than a dollar. 

Terra Data Tables Quickstart

Learn how to use workspace data tables to organize, access and analyze data - including sets of data - in the cloud by working through the Data Tables Quickstart. It's divided into four parts, each of which takes 15-20 minutes. 

  Part 1 - Intro to Data Tables
  Part 2 - Make a basic workspace table from scratch
  Part 3 - Understanding and analyzing sets of data
  Part 4 - Sets again! WDLs that take sets (array) as input

Terra Workflows Quickstart

Learn how to run a workflow on genomic data in a workspace table by working through the Terra Workflows Quickstart. In this tutorial you'll practice setting up (configuring), launching, and monitoring a bulk process workflow (WDL) analysis. The tutorial uses two file format conversion workflows, which run quickly and inexpensively on downsampled data we provide.

Part 1 - Run a pre-configured workflow (same as Part 1 of the Data Tables Quickstart)
Part 2 - Set up and run a workflow on a single sample
Part 3 - Run downstream analysis on a set of samples

Terra Notebooks Quickstart

Learn how to run a Jupyter notebook analysis and access and analyze data from four different locations in the cloud in an interactive Jupyter notebook. The workspace includes step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

Part 1 - Copy the workspace
Part 2 - Take the interactive Jupyter Cloud Environment setup tour
Part 3 - Run the Jupyter 101 tutorial notebook
Part 4 - Run an analysis demo notebook (depending on where your data is)
     - Option 1: Data in a Terra data table
     - Option 2: Data from workspace storage
     - Option 3: Data from the Terra Data Library
     - Option 4: Public data in BigQuery



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