September 13, 2021

Anton Kovalsky
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The following release notes correspond to the dates September 8, 2021 to September 13, 2021. This release also includes back-end updates to workflows, Google integrations, and interactive analysis applications to improve upcoming features.


User Interface

  • We've fixed an issue with pagination counts in the Data tab of a workspace (e.g. "1 - 25 of 800"), which were previously incorrect under the following conditions:
    • If your data contained multiple columns whose names differed only in case, such as "file" and "File"
    • If your current view sorted the data table by one of those columns

  • We've made a few improvements on Cloud Environments page, to make controlling all of your Cloud Environments from that page a bit more convenient:
      - Cloud Environments can be also paused from the page.
      - Pause and delete buttons are more explicitly labeled.
      - Contrast between enabled and disabled buttons is higher now to make it the difference more clear.

  • We've fixed a transient error message in the UI when trying to create a Galaxy app (`Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined`).

  • We've improved the warning message Terra shows you when you're modifying the persistent disk of your interactive Cloud Environment - It previously wasn't sufficiently clear that decreasing your persistent disk size would necessitate deleting and recreating that disk, and that any work you have on that persistent disk should be saved elsewhere if you don't want to lose it. The new warning makes this more clear:


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