How to disable workspace billing

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Each workspace is backed by a Google Cloud Billing account. When you need to prevent a workspace from incurring any costs moving forward, you can disable billing on its Google project on GCP. The advantage of doing this is it is very comprehensive. The disadvantage is it is very permanent. Note that when you do this, you will lose access to any data stored in the workspace. Google does not report how long they retain data that isn't being paid for, but they reserve the right to delete that data at any time.

If you no longer need access to the workspace data tables or analysis tools, you can delete the workspace by clicking on the three vertical dot icon. Deleting a workspace automatically deletes the associated Google project and prevents any additional GCP costs from accruing. 

What happens when you disable workspace billing

When you visit a workspace with a disabled Google project, you'll discover you're no longer able to perform any actions that have a cloud cost.

Unavailable actions (disabled Cloud billing)

  • Viewing data stored in the Workspace bucket
  • Adding data to the Workspace bucket
  • Viewing a notebook (.ipynb files are stored in the Workspace bucket)
  • Starting a Cloud Environment
  • Submitting a workflow

What to expect (screenshots)

Viewing data or notebooks stored in the workspace bucket

Screenshot of file details popup with error message error loading data this file does not exist or you do not have permission to view it

Starting a Cloud Environment

Screenshot of cloud environment creation failed popup with error message failed to create cluster due to forbidden

Submitting a workflow

Screenshot of job history page with workflow status failed and long error message beginning with could not copy workflow logs

Some things to remember about removing/disabling billing

You need to have “Owner” (Cloud Billing account administrator) permission on the Google Cloud Billing account in order to follow these instructions.

If you are not able to follow the directions below or do not see the options in the screenshots, it is likely because you are not the Cloud Billing account owner. You will need to ask the owner for admin privileges or ask that they follow the instructions to disable billing.  This will be the case, for example, if you are using third-party resellers such as STRIDES or Onix.

After you disable billing, you won't be able to access any data or notebooks in the workspace bucket or use any analysis tools. You will still be able to access workflows and data tables (to copy to another workspace, for example).  

How to disable a workspace billing project 

To be completely sure you will not be accruing charges in workspaces you created in Terra, you will need to disable billing for the workspace Google project.

You will do this in GCP console, and it will take effect immediately. You need to be the Google Cloud Billing account owner or administrator to follow these steps.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Make sure you're logged into Google Chrome (Cloud Billing account admin or owner).

2. Go to the Google Cloud Console at

3. Go to the Billing overview.

Screenshot of GCP console page with main menu expanded and a circle highlighting the billing option

4. Select Account management from the bottom left.

Screenshot of the billing page in GCP console with account management circled in the left navigation

You will see all projects created by Terra under this Billing account, no matter what user created it.

5. Click on the three vertical dots beside the Google project for the workspace you want to disable.

The Google project name will have the format <Terra Billing project>--<First part of workspace name>.

You can find the workspace Google project ID under Cloud Information > Google project ID) in the right column of the Dashboard page.

Screenshot of workspace dashboard with the Google project under the cloud information on the right hand side of the dashboard

6. Select Disable billing.

Screenshot of billing page on GCP with list of projects linked to the billing account and projects created by Terra circled

What to expect

Once you disable billing, you won't be able to start a workflow or notebook in the workspace effective immediately.

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