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June 16, 2021

Liz Kiernan
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The following release notes correspond to June 8, 2021 - June 16, 2021. In addition to the items below, this release includes back-end updates to Data Repository, User Interface, and Google Integrations to improve upcoming features.


Interactive analysis (Notebooks,  RStudio, Galaxy)

  • We fixed a bug that was prohibiting the creation of some Google Cloud Engine (GCE) runtimes.

  • Jupyter Notebook images have been updated with Bioconductor 3.13.0. See the Bioconductor release notes here:

  • The RStudio image now has Seurat, a tool for single-cell transcriptomics, as well as crcmod, a package for verifying the integrity of an object in Google Cloud Storage.

  • We've added back-end updates to make Dataproc clusters more reliable.

  • You can now import Dockstore workflows into Galaxy when it's launched in Terra.


  • Terra now detects when a workflow is attempting to write too many attributes to an entity or workspace and marks the workflow as failed with a detailed message like one of the following:
    Cannot save outputs to entity because workflow's attribute count of XXXXX exceeds Terra maximum of 20000.
    Cannot save outputs to workspace because workflow's attribute count of XXXXX exceeds Terra maximum of 20000.


This limit ensures Terra remains responsive when a workflow unexpectedly emits a very large number of attributes, such as in the case of a WDL bug.

  • Cromwell 64 is now available on Terra. This release includes:
    •  Support for "Intel Cascade Lake" as a CPU platform on the PAPI v2 backend. More details can be found here.
    • Support for reference disk- it corrects issues with the deployment of the reference disk manifest that prevented this from being configured in live and FiaB environments.
    • Addition of a missing PAPI v2 beta health check. Cromwell was configured to health check the PAPI v2 alpha backend, but PAPI v2 beta is now the default so a health check was added for beta.

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