[2020 Nov] Terra 201: Working with Gen3 Data

Derek Caetano-Anolles
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This workshop is out of date. Check out the updated two part onboarding starting here.

On November 12, 2020, instructors from the Broad Institute taught a 2-hour virtual webinar as a part of a 2-day onboarding series for NHLBI's BioData Catalyst.




You can find all the materials here.



Agenda & Video

This webinar was recorded and published here.

  • Getting started with Gen3
    • Gen3 data and organization
    • Exporting Gen3 data
    • Analyzing Gen3 data
  • Exploring and exporting a Gen3 cohort (hands on)
  • Consolidating Gen3 data tables in Terra (hands on)
  • Analyzing Gen3 data with a Terra workflow (hands on)
  • Resources for using Gen3 data in Terra


Further Resources

For more information on Terra, visit https://terra.bio/

For more information on NHLBI BioData Catalyst, visit https://biodatacatalyst.nhlbi.nih.gov/ 



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