February 8, 2021

Liz Kiernan
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The following release notes correspond to February 04, 2021 - February 08, 2021. In addition to these changes, this release includes back-end updates to Notebooks and Google Integrations to improve upcoming features.

User Interface

  • AnVIL Terra users can now pause and resume Galaxy instances. Pausing stops compute costs but keeps storage, so you can restart your instance without losing work. Galaxy instances will be auto-paused after 1 hour.

    To pause the Galaxy instance, select the Galaxy environment icon left of the Cloud Environment widget at the top of your workspace.


    At the bottom of the Galaxy dialogue box, select Pause


    You can resume the environment using the same process. 

  • Fixed a bug that precluded Terra users from requesting access to a Workspace with an Authorization Domain. 
  • Fixed a bug so that Terra users can now have immediate access to NIH data when re-linking Terra accounts.


  • Released Cromwell 56. Read the official release notes on GitHub. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused Cromwell to mark workflows as failed after a single 500, 503, or 504 error from Google Cloud Storage. Cromwell will now retry these errors as designed.

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