AnVIL: Linking Gen3 and AnVIL on Terra

Allie Hajian
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Follow these step-by-step instructions to link your Gen3 credentials to your Terra account. This allows you to analyze Gen3 data on Terra. If you prefer a live demo, watch the four-minute Terra Quick Tips video below.   

Step 1. Log into Gen3 -

AnVIL login page screenshot


Notice you can log in with either your NIH credentials or a Google ID. The one you use will determine how Terra will prompt you to link your account in step 2.

Note: All researchers should use their NIH (Researcher Auth Serv) for login.

Step 2. Go to your Profile page

2.1. Get there by clicking on the main navigation menu at the top left of any page in Terra.

2.2. Once there, click on the NHGRI Framework Services link.


Step 3. Log into the Framework Services when prompted

Note: The screen you  see depends on how you logged into Gen3 (step 1).

  • AnVIL-link-to-Gen3-Step3-NIH-credentials.png
  • AnVIL-link-to-Gen3-using-Google-Step3_Screen_shot.png 

Step 4. Verify your external link

Note: Your Gen3 link will expire after 15 days and you will need to repeat this process. You can see the date your link expires by checking on your Profile page (screenshot above).

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