August 31, 2020

Anton Kovalsky
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The following release notes correspond to August 24, 2020 - August 31, 2020. In addition to these changes, this release includes back-end updates to Workflows, Google integrations, and User Interface.


We Fixed a bug causing runtimes to occasionally get into an unrecoverable state where they cannot be deleted, and in the process we improved error messages around user script failures.



We've upgraded to Cromwell 53. As part of this update:

  • Martha v3 Support - Cromwell now supports resolving DRS URIs through Martha v3 (in addition to Martha v2). To switch to the new version of Martha, update the martha.url found in the filesystems config to point to /martha_v3. More information on Martha v3 request and response schema can be found here.
  • Support for custom entrypoints on Docker images - Cromwell can now support docker images which have custom entrypoints in the PAPIv2 alpha and beta backends.
  • Alpha support for WDL optional output files on the PAPI v2 backend has been added, please see the documentation for known limitations.
  • Cromwell now supports an optional monitoring_image_script workflow option in addition to the existingmonitoring_script and monitoring_image options. For more information see the Google Pipelines API Workflow Options documentation.

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