How to disable billing (Terra billing project or workspace billing)

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To prevent a Terra Billing project from incurring any costs, you can remove the Cloud Billing account associated with the Billing project in your Terra Billing page. The advantage of disabling a Terra Billing project is that it is very comprehensive. The disadvantage is it is very permanent.

Note that when you do this, you will lose access to any data stored in workspaces created with the Billing project. This includes data in the Workspace bucket and the Cloud Environment PD. Google does not report how long they retain data that isn't being paid for, but they reserve the right to delete that data at any time.

What happens when you disable billing?

Disabling at the Terra Billing project level

Disabling a Terra billing project removes the GCP Billing account from the project. This will have a number of immediate downstream effects. 

1. You cannot create new workspaces with the project
The Terra billing project will no longer be available in the dropdown menu when you create a workspace or clone your own template copy of an existing workspace. 

2. You cannot work in any workspace associated with the billing project
This will impact all workspaces created under the Terra Billing project you are disabling. When you visit an existing workspace funded by the disabled Terra billing project, you'll discover you're no longer able to perform any actions that have a cloud. These include:

- Viewing data stored in the Workspace bucket
- Adding data to the Workspace bucket
- Viewing a notebook (notebook ipynb files are stored in the Workspace bucket)
- Starting a Cloud Environment
- Submitting a workflow

If you want to disable individual workspaces, see step-by-step instructions below. 

This will happen immediately for workspaces created before September 24, 2021. For workspaces created after September 24, 2021, this will happen more slowly, as Terra goes through and disables billing on the workspace Google project for each workspace. 

Click for screenshots of what to expect when billing is disabled

Viewing data or notebooks stored in the workspace bucket, or other buckets in the same billing projectBilling-project-disabled_Cannot-access-data_Screen_shot.png

Starting a Cloud EnvironmentBilling-project-disabled_Cloud-Environment-error-when-creating_Screen_shot.png

Submitting a workflowBilling-project-disabled_Workflow-submission-failed-error_Screen_shot.png

Note: Some things to remember about removing/disabling billing

You need to have “Owner” (Billing account administrator) permission on the GCP Billing account in order to follow these instructions.
If you are not able to follow the directions below, or do not see the options in the screenshots, it is likely because you are not the GCP account owner. You will need to ask the owner for admin privileges to disable billing on GCP console.  If you are using third-party resellers such as STRIDES or Onix, they will have to follow these instructions.

You will have very limited workspace access
It will not be possible to access any data or notebooks in the workspace buckets or use any analysis tools in affected workspaces. You will still be able to access workflows and data tables (to copy to another workspace, for example) or clone the workspace to another Terra Billing project.

How to disable a Terra billing project (in Terra)

If you want to remove billing on all workspaces associated with a particular Billing project, you can do that using Swagger following the steps below. This will remove the GCP Billing account immediately from a Terra Billing project. Terra will then asynchronously remove that billing account from all the Google projects of all workspaces created under the Terra billing project.

Remove the GCP Billing account from a Terra billing project

1. Go to your Billing page (Main Menu > Profile > Billing).

2. Select the Terra Billing project you want to disable.

If the red `x` is greyed out, you are not the Cloud Billing account owner. You will need to ask the owner to remove the Cloud Billing account in Terra. 

3. Click the red `x` to remove the Google Cloud Billing account.

Note: What happens when you remove the Cloud Billing account?
You will immediately be unable to access any data stored in the Workspace bucket or Cloud Environment PD, start a workflow or spin up a Cloud Environment in any workspace created with this project. 

How to disable workspace billing (GCP console) 

To eliminate the possibility of a particular workspace incurring charges, while keeping the Terra Billing project in tact, we recommend deleting the workspace. Make sure to copy any data or notebooks you want to keep from the workspace bucket or Persistent Disk to another workspace or an external bucket. 

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