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Simplify your analysis in the cloud with a Terra workspace

At the heart of working on Terra is a shareable workspace. It's like a computational sandbox with everything you need to complete your project: data, analysis tools, documentation, and provenance. 

Diagram of Terra workspace components load file, WDL workflow, data table, workspace storage bucket and a docker container beside a virtual machine also in the cloud. The workspace table points to data in Gen3, in a public bucket, and in the Terra data library, all outside the workspace but in the cloud. A researcher accesses all these resources from a computer

  • Link to data in the cloud for analysis, instead of downloading and storing it yourself.
  • Keep data organized with integrated spreadsheet-like tables - no matter where in the cloud the data are stored; whether you're analyzing a hundred, or a hundred thousand, files.
  • Boost your analyses by combining data from different sources in a single table for analysis.
  • Visualize and analyze data of any size in real time with interactive Jupyter notebooks, RStudio and Galaxy apps in a Cloud Environment VM.
  • Find and run bulk analysis tools (workflows) even if you're not a programming expert.
  • Make your results reproducible with publicly-vetted analysis tools, and options to standardize your virtual computational environment.
  • Share analysis results and collaborate while maintaining control of your resources with built-in security features.

Workspaces make it all work together Even with all the data in the world, you can’t make discoveries if you can’t store it, organize it, analyze it, and share your results. Like a construction site with all the building materials and tools you need close at hand and well organized, the workspace brings the data and tools and cloud resources you need together so you can focus on science.

Dashboard (documentation) | Data | Analyses | Workflows | Job History

Screen shot of workspaces top menubar

To learn more about these workspace components, see Working with workspaces

Collaborate in a shared workspace

Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of any workspace page to share the workspace with anyone also registered in Terra. You control how much access to give collaborators, and you can change it at any time. See Managing shared resources with groups and permissions for more details. 
Screenshot of workspace dashboard with an arrow pointing to the three vertical dot action icon at the top left and a circle around the share option in the exposed menu. There is also a screenshot of the share workspace modal overlaid on the screenshot

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