BioData Catalyst Fellows - How to access STRIDES billing on Terra

Allie Hajian
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Participants of the BioData Catalyst pilot program will have Biodata Catalyst/STRIDES/NHLBI credits loaded on a pre-associated Google Billing Account to use for storage, compute and egress charges on the Terra platform. This article covers how to access these free credits by creating a Terra billing project associated with the STRIDES Billing account.

This article assumes you have already registered for an account on Terra, and that your Terra account has already been linked to a STRIDES billing account.

Terra Billing Structure Overview

Because Terra runs on the Google Cloud Platform, all Terra costs - including storage, compute, and data egress - are ultimately billed via Google Billing Accounts. In order to be compatible with multiple cloud environments, institutional payment systems, and security requirements, the Terra interface does not directly display the Google Developers Console Billing interface. Instead, Terra charges your costs to a Terra Billing Project, which is connected a Google Billing Account. You will see the Terra Billing Projects in the platform interface.

In order to create or clone or do analysis in a workspace in Terra, you must have access to at least one Terra Billing Project.

Create a Terra Billing Project to access STRIDES credit

To access the STRIDES credits, create a Terra Billing Project (funded by the STRIDES Billing Account) following the step-by-step instructions below. 

  1. Log in to Terra.
  2. Select "Your Name" --> "Billing" from the drop-down main menu (by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top left of any page in Terra) to access your Terra billing profile.
    Screenshot of the drop-down main menu used to navigate to the Billing page from any page in Terra. An ornage rectangle highlights the Billing menu, which is listed under the user's name.
  3. Click the "create" button to the right of the "BILLING PROJECTS" label to create a new Terra billing project. 
    Screenshot of the button used to create a new billing project. The button says 'create' and has a blue plus sign. An orange rectangle highlights this button.
  4. Enter a name for your Terra Billing Project in the modal. Note that the name must be unique, and it cannot be changed:
    Screenshot of the modal window used to name a new billing project and link it to STRIDES credits.

  5. Select your STRIDES Billing Account from the dropdown menu in the modal. This is the Billing Account associated with the Terra Billing Project you are creating. Note that it will have the format "NIH.NHGRI.BDC.Fellow.00X"

  6. Click on the "create" button at the bottom of the modal. Note that it will take several minutes to create the billing project. 

You will use this Terra Billing Project when creating workspaces in Terra, and costs incurred by any work done in a workspace will be paid for via the STRIDES Billing Account. 


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