How to disable a Terra Billing project

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To ensure you won't be charged by GCP for any storage, egress, or compute costs associated with Terra, you can remove the Google Cloud Billing account associated with a Terra Billing project. This will immediately shut off billing for and shut off the ability to create any workspaces associated with that Terra Billing project. This will 1. Keep Terra from creating new Billing projects/workspaces  and 2. Prevent accruing cost in existing workspaces.

Note that when you do this, you will lose any data stored in the Workspace bucket or the Cloud Environment PD in all workspaces associated with the Terra Billing project.

To remove your user ID as a registered Terra user, contact customer support at for assistance.

Before removing/disabling GCP billing

If you are not able to follow the directions below
You need to have “Owner” or Administrator permission on the Google Cloud Billing account to follow these instructions.
If you can't follow the instructions because you don't see the options in the screenshots
, it is likely because you are not the Cloud Billing account owner. This may be the case, for example, if you are using STRIDES or third party resellers such as Onix. You will need to ask the owner for admin privileges to disable billing.  
To learn more about how operations are billed in Terra, see this article

Removing Google Cloud Billing from your Terra Billing project

1. Go to your Billing page (Main Menu > Profile > Billing).

2. Select the Terra Billing project you want to disable.

If the red `x` is greyed out, you are not the Cloud Billing account owner. You will need to ask the owner to remove the Cloud Billing account in Terra. 

3. Click the red `x` to remove Billing Account.

Note: What happens when you remove the Cloud Billing account?
You will immediately be unable to access any data stored in the Workspace bucket or Cloud Environment PD, start a workflow or spin up a Cloud Environment in any workspace created with this project. 

Delete all workspaces (keep the Terra Billing project)

If you want to keep the Terra Billing project, but ensure that you don't get charged for work done in  previously created workspaces, you can delete the workspaces. 

1. Go to Your Workspaces (Main navigation menu > Your workspaces).

2. Select Owner from the Access level dropdown.

3. From the dropdown, select the Billing project you want to dissociate from the Cloud Billing account.

4. Click the three vertical dots for each workspace

5. Delete the workspace
Remember this is permanent and cannot be undone. Make sure there is no data or notebook in a workspace bucket that you want to keep!


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