March 05, 2020

Derek Caetano-Anolles
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The following release notes correspond to February 25, 2020 - March 5, 2020. This release includes back-end updates to workflows, Google integrations, and notebooks to improve upcoming features. 


  • Cromwell 49 has been released. See the full release notes here.
  • You now have the ability to mark tasks as “Volatile”, or ineligible for call-caching. More info here
  • You will now see a cacheCopy directory in the call root directory when attempting to copy cache results. This prevents them clashing with the files staged to the same directory if the cache copy fails.
  • It is now possible to indicate in a workflow that a task should not be call-cached. More info here.
  • We have fixed a bug that allowed scripts copied by a failed cache-copy to be run instead of live job scripts.


  • The default Terra base image (terra-jupyter-gatk) now includes Java 8 to be compatible with GATK.
  • Notebook Runtimes no longer auto-pause when a terminal is open in a tab. As long as the terminal is open in the browser (and the computer does not go to sleep), runtimes will continue to support terminal usage.

User Interface

  • Fixed formatting on workflow launch error messages. Text will no longer attempt to escape the screen.


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