Februrary 14, 2020

Liz Kiernan
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The following release note corresponds to February 14, 2020.

User Interface

  • The Workflows configuration page now has a searchable root entity type drop-down menu. Researchers with multiple data tables will be able to search for data by typing directly into the drop down. For example, in the image below, we can search for data listed in an aliquot data table by typing "aliquot" into the drop-down.


  • If your workflow requires a sample set (as opposed to a non-set entity type), you can now create a new sample set directly from the Workflows configuration page (see the how-to guide below).

How do I create a new sample set from the Workflows configuration page?

Let's say you have data listed in two Terra data tables ("aliquot" and "blood_pressure_test"- see image below). You want to run a workflow on the data listed in the aliquot data table, but your workflow only accepts data in a set (nested entity) configuration (read more about data entities and sets here). The Workflows configurations page will now provide set options for all entities in your data tables, even if the set does not currently exist in a Terra data table. 

To create and run a workflow on a new aliquot_set, select the aliquot_set option from the Workflows Step 1 drop-down menu. You can do this by clicking the drop-down and scrolling to the aliquot_set option, or by typing aliquot_set into the drop-down menu. Note that all set options will be listed using the format "entity_set" (i.e. aliquot_set for the aliquot entity, blood_pressure_tests_set for the blood_pressure_test entity).

Next, choose Select Data from the Workflows Step 2.


This will prompt you to select some or all data from the aliquot data table to create the new aliquot_set. You will also have the option to rename the set or use the default naming schema.


After you launch the workflow, you will then see the new data table "aliquot_set" appear in the Terra Data tab. 



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