January 27, 2020

Robert Majovski
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The following release notes correspond to the period between January 24, 2020 and January 27, 2020. 


User Interface

  • We have streamlined the notification window you will receive when you attempt to replace an existing notebook runtime environment with a new runtime environment.  This new single-notification window reminds you to save any files of interest from your previous runtime environment and that you will be unable to work for several minutes while the new runtime environment is created.

  • We have consolidated the options available to you when selecting one or more data table rows into a new, single drop-down menu. When you select your data rows of interest, a blue three-dot icon appears at the top of the table next to the indication of the number of rows selected. Click this icon to open the drop-down menu, as shown here: 




  • We have updated the base notebook runtime image and all derived runtime environments to now include OpenJDK 11 and FISS (the FireCloud Python client library).

  • We fixed an issue that was causing Terra to create a new runtime environment with the legacy image instead of the new default image (released on January 22, 2020) when clicking the "play" icon in the Notebook Runtime widget.

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