January 22, 2020

Robert Majovski
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The following release notes correspond to the period between January 14, 2020 and January 22, 2020. 


  • We've released a new default environment for Jupyter Notebooks. You will see this labelled "New Default (released on January 14)" in the Environment drop-down menu in Notebook Runtime configuration. This environment contains updated versions of Python (3.7.5), R (3.6.2), Samtools (1.7) and GATK (, but no longer includes Hail. To use Hail, select Hail from the same Environment menu instead. The old default environment is still available in the Environment menu, labelled "Legacy default (prior to January 14th)."



  • We fixed a bug in Terra’s WDL 1.0 implementation that could cause WDLs with a specific, less common structure to unexpectedly fail with a input-related error, even when correct inputs are provided.

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