September 3, 2019

Anton Kovalsky
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The following release notes correspond to the date of September 3rd, 2019:


Track errors more easily in a batch analysis

  • Failure messages from preempted attempts will no longer be displayed to the user via Job Manager. This was changed in order to make it easier to find where and how a job may have failed
  • Execution events for all attempts are now visible in the timing diagram on the Job Manager Job Details page
  • You will now be able see which shard of your workflow was responsible for the workflow's failure

Help for analysts who rely on data from the HCA and DataStage projects
Support for the "dos://" prefix is being replaced by the "drs://" prefix in Cromwell. This is as a way for them to run analysis on files stored as DRS URIs. To learn more about the DRS API and what it enables, please visit:

Cloud Accounts

Data exfiltration is now supported for the All of Us database!


Terra UI

Streamlined data tables
The data tab in a workspace will now preserve the order and visibility of columns that you set until you change them, even if you refresh the page

More informative modal when creating new notebook VM/cluster
Improved warnings give better information about impact of updating a notebook runtime environment:


Job Manager
Note that to streamline the platform interface, we have removed the icons for viewing stdout or stderr logs. 

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