July 11, 2019

Allie Hajian

The following release notes correspond to the dates July 3-11, 2019


Terra UI 

  • Workspace OWNERS can change the Google billing account associated with a Terra project [SATURN-58] With this update, a program manager with OWNER permission to a Terra project can change the project's billing account. This lets them keep their workspaces, buckets, etc but shift them onto different funding (note that a project can be used for many workspaces). This is particularly important when free credits have expired. In this case, they can move their credits project from the free credits account (which they no longer have access to) to a new account that they control. Users can select a new account from a list of multiple accounts that they have permissions on by going to the "Billing" option in the dropdown menu at the top left of a workspace.

  • Workflows configuration options are tabs instead of buttons [SATURN-871] See the screenshot below for the new, streamlined look: 



  • The "Tools" tab is now the "Workflows" tab [SAURN-868] The title speaks for itself (see screenshot below). Why we did it? This change makes the contents of the tab more clear (since both workflows and notebooks fall under the umbrella of analysis "tools"). 


  • Notebook and tool close buttons are easier to find [SATURN-36] Based on feedback (summarized from @abaumann) that it was confusing when you enter a notebook that you are still in a workspace but you lose workspace tabs. It makes it difficult to navigate around. Adding the workspace tabs would give physical context for where you are what else you can do. People will often use that Notebook to do interactive analysis and go back and forth between batch and data tab to get info on files they want to explore, e.g. use the terminal to check headers on a bam from a batch job.The workspace tabs now stay when you open a workflow (making it easier to get out):



The notebooks close button is similarly easier to find (can you find it in this screenshot? If so, the update is a success!):


  • The path to the Google bucket is now on the workspace dashboard  [SATURN-86] When users need the path to files in the workspace Google bucket, they will no longer have to click on the link and go to the bucket in the Google Console, since the information is available in the Terra UI. Clicking the clipboard icon copies the path to the clipboard, eliminating one step and source of duplication error:




  • Active kernels now override the notebook auto-pause function Users no longer have to babysit long-running calculations in a notebook, since the auto-pause feature will not kick in if the runtime environment kernel is active. Previously, Terra automatically paused any notebook if the browser was idle for more than 30 minutes, to keep users from accruing runaway changes if they accidentally left their notebooks running.


Cloud Accounts

No noteworthy changes in this release. 



  • Improved availability and higher system-wide throughput Enhancements in the Cromwell architecture will improve availability and system-wide throughput, giving more users a faster and better experience with significantly better stability and performance over time.

Note that limits imposed Google on user projects will likely still be the limiting factor on individual users' workflow throughput.

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    Brendan Reardon

    Hi Allie,

    How can workspace owners change the project associated with a workspace? The first screenshot in this post seems to be broken and I cannot find any buttons to do this within Terra. Thanks! This is a nice feature to have. 


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