June 19, 2019

Robert Majovski
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The following release notes correspond to the dates June 13, 2019 to June 19, 2019.

Terra UI

What we did: We changed the modal response when a user working in Terra encounters data stored in a Requester Pays Google Cloud Storage bucket (either in a workspace-associated bucket, or another bucket out in the cloud). If you attempt to access data stored in a Requester Pays bucket you will now receive a pop-up message that will explicitly alert you that the data resides in a Requester Pays bucket.


Why did we implement this change? Some of the data hosted on Terra are in Requester Pays buckets, and the previous message (just an unspecified error) left you with too little information to understand the issue that caused the error. The new pop-up gives you that information. 

What are the next steps? To help you with Requester Pays, the Terra developers are working on a feature that will allow you to access data in a Requester Pays bucket and pay for this activity in Terra with your billing account. 

Note that there is no future plan to enable Terra users to create Requester Pays storage buckets. This and future updates related to Requester Pays buckets are solely to enable you to access data already in such buckets.



Cromwell upgrades this week are so big and so important that they have their own (unscheduled) release date (Thursday June 19, 2019). Look for details in additional release notes tomorrow.

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