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One of the best ways to get started in Terra is to explore Featured Workspaces, curated templates that span a variety of use cases. Standardized for completeness and ease of use, they're great as templates or to help reproduce instructive results and learn established methodologies. You should find enough detail in the workspace description to enable you analyze the included sample data. Cost and time estimates give you the confidence to run on your own data, if you want.

You'll find these resources in the Library > Showcase. Note that you can get to the page using the navigation menu at the top left of any screen in Terra. 


Finding the right template

Featured workspaces can be searched and sorted from the bar at the top. The search works on workspace tags (set up by the owners) as well as wording from the top paragraphs in the dashboard description. In addition, featured workspaces are organized by category on the left column.

Categories include the following:

Getting Started

QuickStart tutorial workspaces include hands-on exercises to get you started using data tables or running a notebook or workflow analysis. They are wrapped as complete packages with sample data and information on cost.

Analysis Tools

Find workspaces  that showcase WDLs, Jupyter Notebooks, Hail, Bioconductor, GATK, and Spark tools. Note that this is where you will find working examples of best practices GATK workflows, along with sample data and time and cost estimates.

Experimental Strategy

GWAS, Exome Analysis, Whole Genome Analysis, Fusion Transcript Detection, RNA Analysis, machine Learning, Variant Discovery, Epigenomics, DNA Methylation, Copy Number Variation, Structural Variation and Functional Annotation. 

Data Generation Technology

10x analysis

Scientific Domain

Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Single-cell, and Immunology.


These workspaces highlight specific data sets and include examples of how to access and process data in those workspaces. Data sets can include public-access data with a broad range of audiences and use cases and restricted-access data for specific research groups.

AnVIL, HCA, TARGET, ENCODE, BioData Catalyst, TCGA, 1000 Genomes, BRAIN Initiative, gnomAD, NCI, and COVID-19. 


Find format conversion and developer tools workspaces here. 


Terra-supported scientific partnerships include HCA, AnVIL, BRAIN Initiative, BioData Catalyst and NCI (i.e. FireCloud). These workspaces are tailored to the needs of users in these groups, and include analysis and data manipulation tools. 

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