How to get submission status and access error logs in Terra versus FireCloud

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Batch jobs do not always run successfully, and when they don't, you need to be able to track down what went wrong. This article is for those who already know how to ferret out problems on Firecloud. Screenshots illustrate both the Terra and Firecloud interface.  

 1. To find a list of all workspace submissions (i.e the Monitor tab in FC)

Terra's Job History tab contains a list of all submissions from the workspace, along with a few columns of metadata: 


In Firecloud this information was available in slightly different format in the Monitor tab: 


2. Details about each submission and its status (queued, submitted, running, failed, aborted, or complete) 

Click on the link in the Submission column of the Job History tab (this is equivalent to clicking "View" in FC's monitor tab:


That will take you to this screen, which contains further details about workflows within the submission and their status (failed, queued, etc.):



The equivalent Firecloud screen looks like this:


3. To see more detail and metadata on all tasks 

Click on "View" to the far left of the task (circled in orange - see below for Terra versus FC interface):


This will take you to this page, with more detail:



Information on this page corresponds to this Firecloud page: 


4. Access stdout and sterr logs 

In Terra, you access these from the page above by clicking on the Log files icons bottom right (circled in screenshot  below left). In Firecloud, you can find links to sterr and stout from the List view in Job Manager(circled in screenshot below right):


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