May 1, 2019

Sushma Chaluvadi
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The following release notes correspond to the dates April 25, 2019 to May 1, 2019.

1. If a workspace is associated with an Authorization Domain, not all users can access the contents unless they have been explicitly added as a user to the groups within the Authorization Domain. Terra now indicates if a Workspace is closed access with a dialogue box.


In the above view, the user does not have access to the highlighted Workspace because it has been created with an Authorization Domain. Users will be alerted to why they are unable to access the workspace and can request to be added as a user on the Authorization Domain by an owner of the group.

2. Submission status is now visible from the Workspace card view.


A colored square in the upper right hand corner of each Workspace card that has submissions indicates the status of the submission; red square indicates a failed submission and a green square indicates a successful submission.

3. Job History now indicates the status of a submission.


Once a submission has been Launched from a Tool, users can now view the Status. It may appear as "Queued", "Submitted", or "Succeeded" depending on the status of the submission. 


Another view of the status can be seen if a user clicks into a specific Submission from the Submission List. In the upper left-hand corner there is a Workflow Statuses tag that shows the same "Queued", "Submitted", or "Succeeded" statuses followed by the number of workflows in that state. In the above example, there are 6 workflows in the submission that present as "Submitted".

4. Filter the workspace list by tags.


In FireCloud users were able to add tags to workspaces and search their workspace list with them. Now in Terra, users can filter on these tags. The ability to add tags to workspaces in Terra is coming soon! 

5. See the workflow queue status, estimated wait time, and the workflows ahead of yours in the Job History.


A user can now see where their analysis sits in the queue on any page within the Job History. 


This image shows the queue status of a recent submission. 


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