Updating workflows to the latest version

Adelaide Rhodes
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This article describes how to add a new version of a workflow to your Terra workspace, whether your workflow is hosted on Dockstore or in the Broad Methods Repository. 

Note for FireCloud users: You may be familiar with the "snapshots" created with each updated version. This article demonstrates how to host multiple snapshots in the same workspace. 

Toggle between workflow versions in the Workflows tab

You can toggle between publicly shared versions of your workflow directly from the Workflows tab of your Terra workspace. 

1. Select a workflow card.

2. Use the "version" or "snapshot" drop-down menu to select between available, public versions of the workflow.
Screenshot showing an example workflow. An orange arrow highlights the Version (or Snapshot) drop-down menu at the top of the workflow configuration page. You can use this drop-down menu to select the correct version of the workflow.

If the workflow is imported from Dockstore, the menu will be called "version". If the workflow is imported from the Broad Methods Repository, it will be called "snapshot".

More information on workflow management

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