How to clone your own workspace

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Learn how cloning a workspace makes a completely independent copy of the workspace under your own Billing project. Since you are the owner and sole user (until you choose to "share" your copy with someone else), you can experiment with code and data in your copy without running the risk of affecting a group workspace.

For information about collaborating  in a single workspace, see How to share a workspace

Step-by-step guide to cloning a workspace

Cloning is useful if you want to run computations in a workspace where you only have "read access."  For example, cloning a Featured Workspace that covers the research tasks you want to do, is one way to jump into using Terra without writing your own scripts or notebooks.

See the video to learn how to clone a workspace in Terra

Step 1. Locate the three vertical dots icon

  • From within the workspace

    Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of your workspace Dashboard page.

    Screenshot of workspace header with three vertical dot at the top right highlighted

  • From the Workspaces page

    1.1. To access the full list of Terra workspaces available to you, click on View Workspaces from the Terra homepage
    Screenshot of Terra landing page with Workspaces card highlighted.

    1.2. Choose from your workspaces, new and interesting, featured, or public workspaces (in separate tabs).

    1.3. Click on the three vertical dots at the far right of the workspace to clone.
    Screenshot of Workspaces page with three vertical dot icon to the right of a workspace name highlighted

Step 2. Complete the clone form

2.1. In the popup menu, choose Clone.

Screenshot of Terra menu with Clone option at the top of the dropdown menu.

2.2. Type in your new workspace name, choose a Billing project, and Workspace bucket location. Enter an Authorization Domain (if needed). 

Screenshot of 'Clone this workspace' pane with fields for workspace name, billing project, bucket location, workspace description and optional authorization domain

Note sure what workspace storage location to use?

See Customizing where your data are stored and analyzed, or US Multiregional versus Regional bucket tradeoffs).

Not sure if you need an AD?

See Managing data privacy and access with Authorization Domains.

2.3. Click the Clone workspace button at the bottom of the form. 

You should see the newly cloned workspace in the "My Workspaces" section of the Workspaces page immediately.

Troubleshooting tip

If you get an error message that includes the phrase "Precondition failed" (see screenshot below), you may have exceeded your Google project quota. To learn more about Google project quotas and how to request more, see When workspace creation fails: Google project quotas

Screenshot of error message when trying to clone a workspace. Full error message reads '400 Bad request PUT

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