Where's the link for a file in workspace storage?

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You may need the full path (Uniform Resource Identifier, or URI) to the files in your workspace storage (Google bucket) when bringing data into a Cloud Environment or creating a data table.

The full link format will be gs://fs-your-Google-bucket-ID/filename. You can find the full file path in Terra (option 1) or Google Cloud console (option 2). 

Option 1: Find the full path in Terra

1.1. Find your Google bucket ID from the workspace home page

Click on the clipboard icon at the bottom right to copy the Google bucket ID to your clipboard (arrow).

Screenshot of Cloud Information section in the right-hand side of the workspace dashboard with an arrow pointing to the clipboard icon to the right of the workspace bucket name

The ID will have the format fc-7585ba12-ee1a-457c-a1e1-75785bc08c31

1.2. Find the file name by going to Files from the bottom left of the Data page.

Screen capture of exposing the file details popup with the full path by clicking on the files icon at the bottom left of the data page and clicking on the file of interest

1.3. The full path is gs://your-Google-bucket-ID/your-file-name.

Option 2: Find the full path on Google Cloud

2.1. Click "Open in browser" under Google Bucket on the right side of your workspace dashboard arrow).

Screenshot of cloud information section in the right column of the workspace dashboard with an arrow pointing to the open bucket in browswer link

2.2. Click on the file name (circled) in the Google Cloud console.

Screenshot of bucket details in the storage page in GCP console with the file demo-photo-data.txt highlighted

2.3. Under gsutil URI, click the Copy to clipboard icon (arrow).

Screenshot of file details page in GCP console with an arrow pointing to the copy to clipboard icon next to the gsutil URI

The full path is gs://your-Google-bucket-ID/your-file-name.

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