FireCloud and Terra - a side-by-side comparison

Anton Kovalsky

Classic FireCloud Features Coming to Terra

June 2019

  • Workspace tags
  • Filtering workspace list by submission status
  • Requesting access to workspaces protected by an Authorization Domain
  • Locking/unlocking workspaces
  • Further improvements to the workflow details page in Terra Job Manager, including call-level details, scattered subworkflows, entity info, and submitter info

August 2019

  • Methods Repository (writing, finding, sharing, and publishing methods)  
    • The FireCloud Methods Repository is accessible from the “Find Workflows” button inside a workspace or the "Code and Workflows” section of the Terra Library. When you enter the repository from Terra, and export a method configuration, you are directed back to your Terra workspace.
  • Data Library (finding and cataloging data)
    • The FireCloud Data Library has been renamed the Broad Dataset Workspace Library. It is linked from the “Datasets” section of the Terra Library. When you enter the FireCloud Dataset Library from Terra, choosing any data workspace will open that workspace in Terra.

Terra and FireCloud - Side by Side Comparison

To help to transition from FireCloud to Terra, see the difference in the look and naming conventions below, organized by function.


FireCloud Terra
Contact Us
Through the FireCloud Forum, now deprecated. Within the Terra App (in addition to the Community forum). You can report bugs, submit a feature request, or ask a question.
Profile Info

On the right side of the page

On the left side of the page, beneath the three-bar menu

Find Data

In the Data tab

In the Data tab

Workspace-level Attributes (Resources)

In the Workspace Summary page

Called "Workspace Data," located in the Data tab of the Workspaces section

Get Data/Configurations from Another Workspace
Pull (import) data/configurations from another workspace into your own workspace Push data/configurations from the workspace you are currently in to another one ("copy to")
Methods Repository vs. Workflows

Found in the Code & Workflows section of the Library

Configure Workflows (formerly methods)

"Method Configuration"

"Workflows" --> select workflow card

Monitor Jobs

Job Monitoring tab

Job Manager

Data Selection (when launching WDL runs)
Click "launch analysis" and then select the data row you wish to proceed Make data row selection up front, instead of after clicking run. You can also multi-select!

From the Analysis tab

By selecting data from a table in the Data tab

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  • Comment author

    How to find the "Workspace Owner" in Terra?  In FireCloud, "Workspace Owner" used to be listed in Workspace Summary page.

  • Comment author
    Anton Kovalsky
    • Edited

    Hi Vicky, if a workspace is shareable (public, or if you have already been granted access somehow), the easiest way is to click "share" from the three-dot menu button in the workspace. When you click share, a window will pop up showing a list of all other users and their roles.

    If you are trying to find this information about a workspace that does not allow you to share, this is a great suggestion! Please submit it as a feature request here. In the meantime, a simple workaround is to go to the Job History tab and contact the person who submits batch analyses in that workspace (their email is listed in the first column on the left, under "Submissoin")

  • Comment author

    Thanks for the workaround, Anton! In this case, the workspace is a data delivery workspace which does not have any Job History. Feature request filed.


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