March 29, 2024

Anton Kovalsky
  • Updated

This release note corresponds to the dates March 22, 2024 to March 29, 2024. This release includes back-end updates to workflows, interactive analysis (Notebooks, Galaxy, RStudio), user interface, Data Repository, and Google and Azure integrations to improve upcoming features.

Cloud Integrations

  • The GCP multi-region workspace migration page is no longer available, as the migration deadline has passed
  • The Rawls `create snapshot` API now supports the ability add key-value pairs to the snapshot reference at the time of import as well as setting cloning instructions on the reference


  • We fixed a bug on the Submission Details page in ToA where inputs marked as literal were not appearing in the inputs tab for submissions
  • The display of last workflow submission status in the workspaces list has been removed. It is also no longer possible to filter by last workflow submission status

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