Variant annotation with SnpEff tutorial

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Learn to use SnpEff in a notebook in Terra on Azure. 

Versatile variant Annotation with SnpEff

SnpEff is a flexible tool for annotating and predicting the effects of genetic variants. The SnpEff workspace provides genomics researchers a powerful platform for variant analysis and annotation [5]. 

Unique features that can be useful for reliable genomics annotation analysis

  • Annotation support for the human genome, as well as all model organisms
  • Can annotate up to 1,000,000 variants per minute
  • Can be easily integrated with GATK and Galaxy pipelines

For a full list of features, see the SnpEff web page.

Try snpEff in Terra on Azure (tutorial workspace

You’ll find step-by-step instructions for using SnpEff in the tutorial workspace Variant Annotation with SnpEff - Dashboard ( See sample outputs from the Jupyter notebook in the workspace below. 

Visual.1: Sample command and output of SnpEff variant annotation.


Visual.2: Highlight of SnpEff variant annotation summary report 


Visual.3: Convert SnpEff output to pandas table. 



  1. Shiny for R:
  2. Shiny for R examples (GitHub):
  3. VS Code Server:
  4. VS Code :
  5. Running SnpEff:
  6. SnpEff at Microsoft Genomics Data Lake:
  7. Introduction - SnpEff & SnpSift (
  8. Home - Galaxy Community Hub (

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