Shiny for R tutorial guide

Allie Cliffe
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Read on to learn how to use Shiny for R to elevate your data analysis and genomics research in Terra on Microsoft Azure.

Interactive and dynamic data visualizations with Shiny for R

Shiny for R is an open-source R package that helps with

  • a more intuitive exploration of your data
  • fostering collaboration
  • accelerating insights [1]

Shiny for R is fully integrated into the Terra platform via Jupyter notebooks (JupyterLab), so you can seamlessly develop, share, and deploy Shiny applications from a notebook right in your workspace.

Try Shiny for R in Terra on Microsoft Azure (tutorial workspace)

Tutorial workspace

Click here for the tutorial workspace (note that you will need to make your own copy, or copy the notebook to your own Terra on Azure workspace to run it). 

You'll find step-by-step instructions to run Shiny for R in the tutorial workspace (screenshots below).



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