Overview: Interactive analysis with JupyterLab

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Integrated JupyterLab lets you analyze data in real-time in a Terra on Azure workspace. JupyterLab runs on a virtual machine in a dedicated workspace Cloud Environment. This article is an overview of interactive analysis apps resources in Terra Support.

JupyterLab Notebooks

JupyterLab is an open-source web application that helps you create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text. Learn more in the JupyterLab docs.

Supported kernels

  • R
  • Python
  • Julia (1.6.0)

Cloud Environment Basics

Learn the basics for using and managing Cloud Environments (virtual machine + persistent disk storage) in Terra in How to customize and launch JupyterLab.

Caveats re. data generated in Jupyter LabNote that data generated in an interactive (JupyterLab) analysis is stored in Cloud Environment (Persistent Disk) storage - not the workspace blob container storage.

You can move data generated in an interactive analysis to your workspace storage to share with colleagues, use as input for a workflow analysis, or for more permanent storage. See How to save data from an interactive analysis to workspace cloud storage. Note that generated data will be deleted if you delete the persistent disk when creating or recreating the Jupyter VM).

To learn how to pull data from a table into JupyterLab for analysis, see Managing data tables with the WDS API or the Using data tables in a notebook workspace.

Hands-on JupyterLab practice with the Intro to Terra Quickstart

The Jupyter Quickstart is a self-guided tutorial that includes everything you need to get hands-on running JupyterLab in Terra on Azure. It’s the third in a series of three quickstart tutorials intended to help you get up to speed on basic Terra on Azure functionality without spending a lot of time or money.

Intro to Terra Quickstart  workspace | Terra on Azure - Jupyter Quickstart Guide

JupyterLab tutorials/resources

JupyterLab is a flexible way to extend Terra’s native capability.

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