Announcement: New Feature for Importing PDC Data into Terra

Anton Kovalsky
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There is an exciting new feature for proteomics research that will allow researchers to import data fromThe Proteomic Data Commons (PDC) into Terra for analysis with the platform’s integrated tools.

The recently released data hand off through PFB (Portable Format for Bioinformatics) is a new feature to transfer data from the Proteomic Data Commons (PDC) to the Broad Institute's Terra platform. With this feature, users can identify the data of their interest by applying metadata filters on the PDC portal, and then by clicking a PFB button the data will be transferred to Terra for analysis. Terra is a cloud-based analytical platform that provides a variety of tools, workflows, and compute environments, making it a great place to analyze large volumes of data. Please review the documentation on the PDC portal here:

As part of the introduction of this feature, the Broad Institute has also published some template resources to help researchers analyze the data they’ve selected. These include a workspace intended to facilitate automated data download and streamlined analysis of raw proteomic data imported from the PDC using the FragPipe proteomics pipeline. You can learn more about these resources by visiting the links below:

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