[2023 May-June] WDL Bootcamp Workshop

Kaylee Mathews
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On May 23-26 and June 26-29, 2023, the Broad Institute's Data Sciences Platform presented a 4-day WDL Bootcamp webinar series. Each day was a 1- to 2-hour introduction to writing and running WDL workflows in the cloud. 


The slides and registration materials are at http://broad.io/2305_WDLBootcamp

Recordings for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 of the webinar can be found on the Terra YouTube channel.


Day 1 Running Workflows in Terra
Learn how to navigate the Terra platform and run analysis scripts written in the Workflow Description Language (WDL).
Day 2 Introduction to Docker and DockerHub
Use best practices to make public Docker images that can be hosted in the cloud and run in WDL workflow scripts.
Day 3 Introduction to WDL
Learn basic WDL syntax, write your first hello-world WDL script, and apply the basic concepts to a simple genome analysis example.
Day 4 Automating Dockstore-GitHub Integration
Set up your GitHub scripts to automatically push to Dockstore so you can use them in Terra.

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