Intro to Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens

Allie Cliffe

Introduction to Shared Access Signature (SAS) Tokens

Shared Access Signature (SAS) Tokens are used in Azure to access storage containers’ blobs. The dashboard of your Terra on Azure workspace generates a SAS token that you can use to read from and write to your workspace blob storage container (“Storage SAS URL”).

The SAS token in the workspace Dashboard Cloud Information section
Screenshot of SAS token in Cloud Information section at right in the Dashboard of Terra on Azure workspace


SAS token caveats

  • The tokens available in your dashboard expire after eight hours.
  • You can use multiple valid tokens concurrently.
  • Warning: You should not share your SAS token with others.

The blob storage container URL has the format: https://{unique-identifier}{terra-workspace-ID}

The storage SAS URL includes both the storage container and an appended temporary SAS token after the ? symbol. 

Example SAS URL


Screenshot of Cloud Information section of Terra on Azure workspace with copy-SAS-token-to-clipboard icon highlighted

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