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Read on for more technical details and back-end information about data tables in Terra.

Introduction to the Workspace Data Service (Terra on Azure)

Data tables are powered by a service called Workspace Data Service. The service is powered by a virtual machine (one per workspace) where a user’s data will be stored in their own private relational database. This makes data tables more scalable, and will soon support regionality, where a user can choose what geographic region their workspace cloud storage and data tables live in.

Data tables location and cost caveats

As we pilot this new feature, we will start with the East US region, and iteratively open up new Azure geographies. There will be a minimal background cost for running the virtual machine that powers the Workspace Data Service. Learn more in Overview: Terra Costs and Billing.

Data tables in Terra on Azure versus GCPThis new service means that data tables in Terra on GCP are not compatible with Terra on Azure. Therefore, you cannot currently download a TSV from Terra on Google and upload it to Terra on Azure. Learn how to create and upload a TSV in Terra on Azure.

You may notice that data tables in Terra on Azure currently do not have all of the features available on GCP. Never fear! We are still iteratively building the new Workspace Data Service, working towards parity (and more!) between this new service and everything currently available in Google.

Data table terminology: Terra on Azure versus Google Cloud


Terra on Azure (WDS)

Terra on GCP (Entity Service)

Table unit Record Entity
Data table Record type Entity table
Primary ID in a data table Left-most column of TSV or explicitly defined with "sys_name" Left-most column of TSV, defined with “entity:entity_id”
Schema / Data Model Unopinionated FireCloud, Flexible
Table relations terra-wds:/table_name/row_name {"entityType":"table_name", "entityName":"row_name"}


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